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1945 Restaurant

 1945 Restaurant - Introducing Indonesia to the next level with the new images of Indonesian cuisine

traditional Indonesia batik to welcome you here
Situated on the third floor of recently opened Fairmont Hotel, 1945 restaurant had its grand opening on the same day as Indonesia celebrated its 70th Independence Day on Aug 17th. 1945 restaurant was conceived, by the founder of “Sate Khas Senayan”, on the idea of paying tribute to its country-Indonesia. With the intention to elevate local traditional cuisine to an international class level.

The restaurant has a fine dining concept with the promise of impeccable and welcoming service. Guests are indulged in the minimalistic interior and welcoming ambience and exquisite ceramic plates, Batik wearing servers to complete the look. 1945 restaurant is divided into three main areas; the first area would be the lounge area for light snacks and alcoholic beverages, second area is the meeting room with a la carte menus and the last area would be the fine dining area that serves main courses.

the a la carte area
the a la carte area in another view

seating in fine dining area
fine dining area
eye catchy carpet design

Before proceeding to full course meal, we were accompanied by a flowing of addictive finger food that we, as local, call it ‘Jajanan’. The finger food consisted of prawn fritters, sweet potato fries, bakwan and rempeyek crackers. Locals found them as snacks that could easily be found in streets vendors, it was surprising enough from the presentation which it was served and accompanied by a glass of wine that it had became a high class food. A perfect little delights before a full course meal.  

the uniqueness of our "jajanan" in a modern way 


three different kind of meats skewers

the elegant looked of the skewers platting

Satay is considered as an internationally known dish, skewered meat that are served in peanut sauce and drizzled with sweet soy sauce with optional chilly sauce on the side. The smell of charred meat and juice oozing out from the skewers can easily make anyone drool with anticipation. The skewered meat comes in selections of chicken, beef, lamb and gindara fish.

dish plate matched your own red plate

Pecel Kembang SALAD

An elevated version of a traditional salad dish that is called ‘Gado-gado’, instead of a local dish that typically consisted of fresh vegetables, it is topped off with edible flowers of Begonia and Marigold flower. A delicate and refreshing salad dish that should not be missed.

Oxtail consomme

what to say about this dish is the balance of the crunchiness of the oxtail beef then the sweetness from the sauteed carrot and of course the saltiness from the super clear consomme soup. It is so out of the box 

Main Course

Plain white rice has always been the staple food in Indonesia, here in 1945 restaurant, the rice they serves are varied to cater individual need; white, black ( red for some people) and yellow. Another staple food for the locals seemed to be the fried rice- ‘The Nasi Goreng’. The fried rice comes in three different versions; Nasi Goreng Kampong, Nasi Goreng Wagyu and Nasi Goreng Lobster.

Nasi Goreng Kampung

Nasi Goreng Kampong has a distinct taste of the traditional than the other two fried rice; it relies heavily on its local spices which gives its umami taste. The dish is then completed with tender and moist chicken meat, scrambled egg and fresh vegetables. 

Nasi goreng Lobster

The hero of this dish is the fresh lobster that its serving size almost filled the entire dish. The rice almost felt like a garnish compare to the lobster. There is almost no room to be disappointed by the taste or the portion of this dish. The overall taste is balanced and satisfaction is most guaranteed.

elevated nasi goreng kampung

nasi goreng lobster (yum)

Ayam Bumbu Rojak

This dish is known to be eaten with bare fingers and tend to be messy to eat. The restaurant found a solution to serve the chicken boneless to avoid messiness. The chicken was tender and juicy, and accompanied by a plain white rice completed the dish.


Tongseng Lamb Chop

‘Tongseng’ is an Indonesian meat stew in curry-like soup mixed with sweet soy sauce and fresh vegetables. This dish is usually classified as a street food, meat that comes in shredded or small dices of lamb meat, however the dish they serve at this restaurant comes in two massive bones of fried lamb chop. The meat is tender that cuts with a fork easily like butter and the taste is just exquisite and it has no prengus smell that is commonly found in lamb meat. To me, personally, this is the winner dish of the day. 

Wagyu di Rendang

Rendang is cooked on low heat temperature for about five hours or so until the meat is tender. Rendang is known for its prolonged expiration period due to the process and the spices that are used.
This restaurant has its way of elevating the local dish by using Wagyu meat, the meat that is known for its tender and juicy meat.


Gindara fish steak infused with sweet terasi is an option for those that are looking for a lighter meal instead of all the meat this restaurant offers and its punch of flavors is not to be taken lightly.

 Lobster Thermidor Pesmol

Cooked perfectly fresh lobster mixed with smoked coconut and sweet sour yet spicy presmol sauce. Everything just blended nicely together; get a bite by deep the lobster in the sauce then add more sauce to your mouth after the first bite will definitely give you a bombastic taste of flavor explosion


the all three desserts those are recommended

Tape Cheesecake

The spectacular courses of meal ended with a beautiful selection of traditional desserts that are elevated to meet the international class standard both in presentations and tastes.
Tape cheese cake is a creative twist on my favorite local dessert. It was hard to picture a taste that combines tape, a very bold taste in my opinion, with cheesecake flavor which is also has a bold taste. With a little magic touch from the chef and great palate on balancing the taste, it was almost magical to taste and I became a believer.

Frozen Srikaya Souffle

Frozen srikaya soufflé was another creative twist of a local dish. The cold and creamy srikaya paste with a bite of fragranted pandan glutinous rice was exquisite to taste. It deserves a recognition on its own

Nastar Cake

Last but not least is the Nastar cake, a pineapple tasting cake that usually comes in small tarts. With another creative twist, the tarts are turned into a slice of soft cake These traditional nastar tarts are commonly found during the festive season. The restaurant had turned it into a modern looking dessert and enable patrons to enjoy it year round.

I immensely enjoyed the full course meal 1945 restaurant offered. Its top notched service and creative delicious dishes easily placed this restaurant on my top list. Not only the restaurant serves outstanding dishes, it provoke my nationalism, proud of of my roots where these dishes were based from. It reminded me of my love for traditional dishes I have feasted on almost all my life and yet presented in a modern way. My hat off to the creator of the restaurant and hope their intention to propel Indonesian food to an international level class would be achieved.

a bit of teaser; this is how they serve your food :)

Do make your way into this restaurant and who knows we bump into one another, as I can assure you after this dining experience it would not be my last visit.

1945 Restaurant
Telp                      : 021-29039179

Location               : Fairmont Hotel 3rd floor
                              Jalan Asia Afrika No. 8 Jakarta

Opening hour        : Lunch 11.00 AM- 03.30 PM
                              Dinner 06.30 PM – 11.00 PM

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