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the korean chiken fushion - CHIR CHIR INDONESIA

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Chir Chir (pronounced as chee-real chee-real) embodies the ‘Chimaek’ culture of Korea, a popular concept of combining fried chicken while drinking alcohol. I was first introduced to this brand while I was on a holiday in Singapore; it was easy to spot the place as it was littered with people in line waiting to be called in. Chir chir’s name actually comes from the bubbling sound the oil makes when the chicken hits the deep fryer (ooh even the names is mouth watering!)

The Korean very famous version of fried chickens has finally arrives in Jakarta and my tummy rumbles with excitement! The franchise giant with 100 outlets under its belt decided to make its mark here in town, located at Pantai Indah Kapuk, Rukan Garden House with its iconic chicken barn and eggs as exterior.

Bringing along what seems to be ‘a thing’ to dine at Chir Chir is the 45 minutes of waiting in line to finally have a table. The staffs were very accommodating and worked extra hard to caters the hungry diners after a long wait (though they should hire more staffs for efficiency sake). The interior, resonating the exterior, was filled with more eggs and chickens with cute inviting murals. Pricing wise, it is actually cheaper than its Singapore branch yet I would still consider a little on the pricy side.

So these are the menu I had :

Cheese Fries _ IDR 69K

French fries topped with combinations of melted Cheddar and Parmesan cheese just simply divine. The saltiness of the fries gave the right amount of savories and elevated by the generous amount of cheese is simply something you must try. The price of the dish might surprise you however I might have to say the ample amount of fries and cheese might make you a little bit more forgiving. Do try the white yogurt sauce that also comes with the dish. YUM.

Mac n Cheese – IDR 69K

Another favorite cheese dish on the menu, it is a quite iconic dish to the restaurant, the Soft cream sauce and cheddar cheese covered macaroni is one of the must try. I would have to say is a good appetizer dish, cheesy yet not filling, to wait for the bigger main course dishes.

Fried Chicken – IDR 159 K (half original half garlicky)

 Moving on to why I came to the restaurant in the first place, the fried chicken. This is literally a whole chicken served to the table with choices of original, spicy or garlic for the chicken. What I was satisfied with was ordering half of the whole chicken with the original type chicken and the other half the garlic chicken (garlic chicken was the bomb!)

. The chicken comes in wedges (not the typical shoestring fries) and it was fried to perfection. I particularly loved the garlic sauced chicken; it was a mix of the secret house special soy sauce with minced garlic and fried garlic cloves to gives the extra kick of flavors. 

Nest Snow – IDR 159K


This is one of the signature dish and a very unique one; it has fresh whip cream on top of the dish hence the ‘Nest snow’ name came from, it consisted of chicken tenders in Cajun seasoning, mashed potato cream and whip cream completed with grated cheese on top. The dish looks very appetizing; it is served in ‘hot plate’ look alike, fried chickens stacked neatly on top of another, fresh creamed vegetables around the plate and topped it with whip cream. It almost looked like dessert!
The tenders were fried nicely and thoroughly flavorful.

  The sauce was definitely the selling point; it has thick sweet, salty and umami flavors that works wonderfully with the chicken. One negative thing I could pointed out would be that the dish could have a little bit more grated cheese to have that extra boost the dish need, not that it is already delicious on itself.

Do not be shunned by the price of some of the dishes, it comes in big portions so it definitely allows patrons to share with 2 to 3 people (depending on how much you usually eats) and thus shares the price of the dishes. Happy sharing!

Chir Chir Indonesia

Rukan Garden House B20
Pantai Indah Kapuk, Penjaringan, Kapuk Muara
Jakarta Utara 14470

Opening Hours: 11 AM-10 PM
instagram          : @chirchirindonesia

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