Wednesday, March 22, 2017

New Sunday Brunch by Attarine Jakarta

Sunday absolutely has always been my favorite day of the week (who doesn’t love it?); I would say that beside the quiet traffic, restaurants do offer nice Sunday brunch to spend with family and friends. One of my favorite restaurants that is run and owned by Potato head group recently came out with a brilliant idea that got me all excited. Sunday Brunch, only on the month of March (so far), that has a surprise menu every Sunday. 

Fish and batik clams , THE BOMB!

The Sunday brunch menu is at a fixed price of IDR 350k ++ that includes six dishes that serves appetizer, main course and dessert. A choice of cocktail, mocktail, or juice comes with the package; I ordered the Pineapple and passion fruit mocktail and it was refreshing.

Pineapple and Passion Fruit Mcoktail

I was foretold that on that particular Sunday I was going to enjoy a delightful mix fusion of Indian cuisine in the hands of the creative chef, it got me all excited (I love Indian food!). Not knowing what to expect from the set menu, I was pleasantly surprised when the appetizer come in what looked like simple slices of pineapple turned out to be a splendid appetizer. The pineapple was somehow roasted into two different flavors, one is sweet (I could taste cinnamon) and the other one sour, it was playing with my senses and I was intrigued. 

The roasted pineaple

For the appetizers there were two dishes served, the first was the monkey bread and the second were selections of snacks. Hearing by the name I thought monkey bread would refer to banana bread since monkey would be identical with banana but I was wrong; it was caramel and cinnamons combined into a very delicate taste.

Caramelized bread with cinnamon

Monkey Bread

The other appetizer was selection of snacks such as pickles, cashew nuts, olives, cheese-stuffed dates and boiled eggs. I loved the cheese stuffed dates as I never quite taste that kind of combination of the saltiness from the cheese and the sweetness from the dates blended nicely together. 

assorted snacks

cheese stuffed-dates , FAVORITE!

Waiting for the main course, and two dishes served in the same time; the roasted vegetables in a smaller plate and fish with batik clams that comes in a big bowl that meant to be shared within patrons in a family style, they were truly delicious. The zucchini, eggplants, green and red paprika were delicately roasted and it gives of taste that I never tasted before, honest truth.

Fresh roasted Veggie

The seafood dish was fresh which you can tell by how easy the clam meat detached from the shells, octopus was not chewy and fish has no foul smell and soft. The broth that comes with the dish was rich in flavor and I loved how the chef used brussel sprouts in the dish, it may looked out of place but really, it ties everything together and it is quite rare to find brussel sprouts being used in restaurants I’ve been to here in the city. 

Beautifully cooked by ATTARINE

Then came dessert and it was Chocolate Cardamon Ice cream, I truly want to believe this ice cream is home made, it has that distinct signature of a home made ice cream (or I could be wrong) and you got to love that kind of authenticity. Honestly, I felt the need to order the cake more than the ice cream however, that day was super HOT (notice the all cap letters to emphasize the weather these days) and Ice cream was actually a good ending to my quality Sunday brunch at Attarine.
Yet again Attarine proved to be, in my humble opinion, the best restaurant in Senopati area, and they are going strong. If you are looking for a restaurant that serves impeccable service and food that knows all of your sweet spot, this got to be the place. 

Let me remind you again, this surprise menu only last this March and you know, time is ticking, so set your schedule this Sunday and let Attarine pampers you.
Ps: I am sure that you have read my last review about my first experience here in Attarine (you did, didn’t you?), but in case you have not you can find all the rave here

the whole IDR 350K ++ Sunday brunch portion for three

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