Friday, January 8, 2016


     BUT first Coffee

Drinking coffee represents different things to different people; some drinks for a pick-me-up during dull days, some drinks for social purposes, some drinks as an obsession to find that perfectly brewed cup of coffee and this is where I come in.

I started drinking coffee as a caffeine fix in college during those overwhelming nights cramming those textbooks for quizzes and exams where you need to be fully awake and where normal people sleep. I was not a coffee snob back then, drinking coffee while thinking they all taste the same. I started distinguishing coffees since I met people who literally fall in love with their coffees as they sip their cup of ‘black gold’ as they like to call it. They taught me how to taste and smell that perfectly brewed coffee, I began to see myself as a coffee snob in no time.

I’m always in the quest to seek little gems of coffee shops that knows how to select and brew their coffee. In recent days coffee shops pop out both in Jakarta and Tangerang area like wild mushrooms. They might compete with each other for patrons, but as for me, is my indulgence to roam around these shops to look for that perfectly brewed coffee. In my delight, another new coffee shop just open that got me curious of their coffees, the new place is located at Dharmawangsa and named ‘But First Coffee Shop’ and did not disappoint.

Located right behind the Pelaspas Buidling, I find a cozy little nook, perfect place to have that morning coffee when you are trying to get yourself together for the day (place opens bright and early!). The place is decorated with vintage vibe that reminiscence of yesteryears of what you would’ve called home. A definite place to spend time; if you ever looking for a place to work by yourself in the corner, undisturbed, or a get together with friends over great coffees.

Each brewed coffee is poured into hand made pottery ceramic cups that gives off a touch of intimacy and a sense of belonging in that coffee shop. The aroma of fresh brewed coffee welcomes you as you enter and as you sit deciding to spend the entire day and work there or leave right after you had your caffeine fixed. Either way, the baristas that serves your coffee will not disappoint you.

Coffees price ranges are between IDR 25K to IDR 40K, including selections of freshly made bread and pastries to accompany your cup of coffee. Don’t lose heart when it takes a wee bit of time that the baristas would prepare your coffees (there’s only so much baristas, one to two persons, to prepare all orders).

picollo IDR 28K ; latte IDR 32K

All in all, I had an amazing time at this place. The coffee is up to par, has a smooth after taste; ready to compete with any established coffee shops nearby, or far. The owner is friendly and approachable; the people serving you are welcoming and accommodating your every need.
Make a quick stop (or a slow stop) and enjoy this place as much as I did. A little side note when you get there, find a table by the window, is definitely a perfect spot to sip on your coffee.

But first coffeeshop
Jl. Dharmawangsa Raya no 4
Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta 12160
Instagram  : @butfirstcoffeeshop
Opeining hrs : 07.00 AM -21.00 PM
Payment : cash/debit

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