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Inaya Putri Bali - the place where my second home is

Inaya Putri Bali Villas

What’s up Jakarta!

There will always be a period of somber and dullness in one’s life that leads to a chronic need of a getaway even for a short period of time. Year-end holidays seemed short lived, the hustle and bustle of Jakarta’s busy life pushed me to breakaway and leave for the closest paradise, in a form of Bali Island. 

I found myself at Inaya Putri Bali resort at Nusa Dua area where the best resorts are and decided to chill and stayed in for a good few days, my version of hibernation. The resort was heavily renovated into a minimalistic Balinese style, from the previous Ina Putri Resort, and reopened in 2012. 

the front of the main lobby from the side view

the back of the main lobby

closer look of the back of the lobby

one and a half of the front lobby

The contemporary renovated style and culture that evokes warmth, elegance and simplicity seemed to resonate the atmosphere of the island that is infamous of its openness and the hospitality in welcoming visitors from outside the island. 

The lobby was inspired from rice barn known locally as ‘Lumbung’, a place for the storage and drying of harvested rice, which has a distinct omega shaped roof typically found in Indonesia. 

reception checked in desk

'lumbung' or rice barn concept

The resort does not disappoint; warmly greeted at the lobby by friendly staffs, the lobby was spacious and your eyes lead you to the grandness of the property and ends on the beach with open water over the horizon under the blazing sun. 

The 22 acres property boasts 460 rooms; deluxe guestrooms, deluxe pool guestrooms, bedroom suites and bedroom villas, complete with a grand swimming pool and beach just right in front of the resort. 

walk way to the rooms

buggie to send you from one place to others

another look of the walk way
Soon to be operated chapel in 2016

The rooms are divided into several buildings that are called ‘Puri’ which represents local ‘Penglipuran Viillage’, an untouched village from modernization that is known for its culture and characters. Penglipuran Village originated from ‘Pengeling Pura’ that means remembering the ancestors, the resort paid its respect to the island’s origins and it embodies the true meaning of being in the Island of Gods.

There are 5 dining areas; Gading restaurant for breakfast, Homaya restaurant is for dinner that serves asian styled food, Pesisir beach bar serves as ‘street food’ that mostly grilled food by the beach and mostly western styled food that works best with cocktails, mocktails and beers by the beach.
The pool was a symbolic homage to ‘Terasering ’, rice terraces cascading down valleys that are iconic to bali.

The resorts offer many activites that requires no effort to step out of the resort; biking, banana boats and boating that allows you to spend time in the open water.

nice ambiance to have a private chat with friends

romantic view

the beach from far

main swimming pool with the beach view

closer look of the main swimming pool

Inaya Putri Bali from the beach

Lets take a look of our deluxe lagoon pool access room

The property was quite big that a buggy had to transport me to my deluxe lagoon pool access room at Puri 5. It is a shared pool of about 5 rooms with direct access pool from the hotel rooms.
The room was spacious with a nice view of the pool, the bathroom was impressively large with a grand jacuzi-like bathtub and standing shower, not leaving out the extensive spa quality toiletries in ample sizes, I already felt pampered just looking at it all.

the look of the rooms from the outside

the first floor is the deluxe lagoon pool access room

comfy bed

direct pool access

private pool

big bath tub in every room

working table next to swimming pool
Sofa bed in every room to enjoy

After a nice relaxation at the pool and jacuzi-like bathtub the night before upon arriving, I had an early night of a nice deep sleep to almost having overslept, good thing the rumbling belly woke me up to remind not missing the most important meal of the day, breakfast.

The gading breakfast

The opened air breakfast area is spacious and breezy with a nice view of the swimming pool and it was a feast, there were variety of selections of westerns and asian. Menu cards were on the table to allow guests ordering a freshly cooked meal like eggs benedicts, omelets, etc. Not forgetting the free flowing of beverages from juices, teas to coffees.

Gading Restaurant

the interior of Gading Restaurant

my eggy breakfast

breakfast in style

Jajan by the sea

Spending time at the beach sure makes the stomach rumbling really fast, I decided to try the grill food by the beach. There are wide selections of a typical BBQ grill menus; corns, prawns, meats in skewers freshly prepared right by the beach. Time flies by quickly as you sip on fresh coconut juice while snacking (I would call it afternoon snacks) looking at a spectacular view of the sandy beach. To top it off, there is a local singer with acoustic guitar and ukuleles to complete the casual yet romantic ambiance that is perfect for couples on their staycation.

The homaya dining

I ended the night with a good meal at Homaya dining restaurant, Homaya that means ‘Home at Inaya’, it serves semi-fine dining of Indonesian food. The food was served as you would at a typical asian home, a shared meal. 

Homaya outdoor seating

nice presentation

Dinner was opened with Rawon soup as appetizer and oh boy, was it delicious. The soup was perfectly spiced and meat was tender and juicy, it was complete with preserved egg, fresh bean sprouts and shrimp crackers just how the locals like to eat their Rawon soup.

delicious rawon dish

Moving on to the main dishes that were placed in the middle to share, consisted of Opor Ayam (Braised chicken curry with coconut milk), Lamb Shank, Sate Lilit (minced fish on lemongrass satay over charcoal) and ends with Wedang Ronde, comforting ginger based dessert. 

The Lamb Shank stood out from the other dishes it was simply delicious. The broth was rich with spice and the meat was cooked to perfection. It was so tender that you could cut it like butter with a fork. 

delicious sate lilit

opor ayam (braised chicken curry in coconut milk)

The dessert was to me a modern twist of local dessert that has been around since ages ago. It was modernized by using of what would be typical plain glutinous rice flour balls were replaced by taro and jackfruit flavored rice balls. The otherwise hot dessert was cooled off with coconut ice cream on the side to make it into a cool refreshing dessert.

A must try dessert (Wedang Ronde)

Beverages were offered from a variety of traditional drinks, the ‘Jamu’, that are supposed to promote good health. The drinks were selected and developed into modern taste with an intention of wellness of each guests.

It was such a good dining experience that I did not want it to end but it had to end somehow. But I did walk away with high satisfaction and an urge to come back for another fantastic meal.

My superb meal in Homaya

Another few days of relaxation and pampering at the resort I had to end the phenomenal staycation at Inaya. With heavy heart I have to check out and gave a little slap of reality to remind me that Jakarta is waiting for me back home. However, knowing that I can have a little bit of heaven an island away do make it bearable.
Inaya Putri Bali Resort is definitely on my top list of resort if I do decide to have another staycation. I would recommend anyone to stay for a few days and get ready to be pampered. 

Right before checking out

Our Satisfying staycation here in Inaya
 Thank you Inaya Putri Bali ...

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