Tuesday, September 13, 2016

is this the right MR. SUnday??

For the locals Senopati area in the urban jungle of Jakarta has always been the ‘IT’ place to hang out and great place in finding trendy restaurants and cafes. ‘Hello Mr.Sunday’ recently made its appearance in this neighborhood and ready to take on the ‘IT’ crowd. In case you were wondering where it is located exactly, it is placed on the second place of a currently renovated building (so do keep your eyes up and look for the sign) or you could find where Cut the Crab restaurant is and find this little gem just next to it.

“Hello Mr. Sunday”

‘Hello Mr.Sunday’ for a name truly resonates those Sundays where you would sleep in and found a message from your phone when you wake up finding texts from friends asking where should we go for brunch and ‘Hello Mr.Sunday’ sounds like the perfect place to do just that. And that was one must actually do (they literally specialized in brunch).
The café is spacious and the white tiles and minimalist décor with big windows screams instagenic in every corner. What a great ambience to chill and spend the day away with no care in the world.

Hot cappuccino (IDR 35K)
I was very interested in the coffee ranges this place offered (I have an acquired taste in coffees these days) and it wasn’t really a let down with its lighter taste, I would emphasized on their art lattes and that got me impressed. 

Pork Belly Brioche Sandwich (IDR 110K)
The pork belly was served in toasted brioche bread, sprinkled with ‘Sambal Matah’ dressing, rocket salad on the side and it looked unique and super tasty. The ‘Sambal Matah’ dressing that you would assume would be dead set spicy was to my delight surprise it was not. They decidedly used red onions to cleverly cover the red chilly spiciness and it produced a very unique and exquisite taste of delight. The brioche bread was toasted nicely that was not too crunchy-hard and tender. It is quite a nice dish and I was satisfied.

French toast with crispy pork bacon (IDR 85K)
I personally always love French toast and this dish comes with crispy pork bacon and generous amount of melted cheese? It was a long lost answered prayer. The maple syrup and crispy bacon do delightfully make a good pair.  I highly recommend it. 

Egg benedict with smoked salmon (IDR 85K)
An egg benedict is not an egg benedict if there is no runny eggs oozes out from its top layer when you cut through it. This dish lives up to its expectation with the eggs though the béarnaise sauce was a little bit more on the dry side and a wee bit sour, other than that I was a happy camper.

Roasted Lamb with broccoli and potatoes (IDR 180K)
Do take a look at the pricey price and do a second look of the dish you were going to spent on, it was worth every rupiah. The roasted lamb was served to perfection, juicy and tasty. The red wine dressing gave that final strong kick taste that enhances the lamb to maximum effort! The meat was so tender that it literally fell off the bone, ditch the knives and ditch the fork and use those bare hands! (but the place so fancy I better control myself or people will stare, ah the dillema!) Try it for yourself!

Egg-less Noir Lindt Chocolate Cake with Pistachio

Egg-less Noir Lindt Chocolate Cake with Pistachio (IDR 45K)
Noir refers to shroud of mystery that match the name to the dish perfectly (cake with no egg based? Interesting) I have never like pistachio that made me almost not order this dessert dish, boy did I almost missed the greatest invention ever!
Without the egg based the cake was still moist and gooey with awesomeness and I could not stop eating until the last drop (I almost licked that plate remembering where I was once again) A must try!

salted caramell brownie

Salted Caramel Brownie (IDR 30K)
The rich caramel made the dish super sticky topped on a perfectly baked brownie (I drool as I rewrote this experience of yumminess) It has the perfect balance of sweet and that distinctive salted caramel flavor. I could not decide which I like better, the noir cake or this brownie, decision decision! I will choose both, just because of course.

So what are you waiting for?? lets find your MR. Sunday this weekend 

maybe he is your MR. Sunday

Hello Mister Sunday

Jalan Cikajang no. 30 
Senopati, Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan 12190

+62811 1776 185

Mon - Thr : 9 AM - 9 PM
Fri-Sat       : 9 AM - 10PM
Sun            : 8AM - 8PM

IG ; @hello_mrsunday

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