Monday, October 10, 2016

COARSE n FINE - Alam Sutera

Hi Coffee Lovers, running out of coffee shops to visit in Jakarta yet? I think I am and I have decided to start venturing outside my comfort zone, outside of Jakarta. Tangerang is becoming the new ‘IT’ place to hang and the city is flourishing more and more of its coffee places. Do forewarned that not all places serves good coffee though, this is where I come in, sorting out the real deal with the wannabes.


This comes in as my number one on the list. A definite must-try when you are in Alam Sutra (after or before your IKEA visit).  Simple and clean interior with Carrera marble to top it off for that perfect instagram shot. It has that wonderful cosy feeling as you hang loose and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere. 

The Baristas are ever ready to serve you as they introduce their unique concept of ‘Sample Bar’, which means they offer you to taste a sample of their coffee beans that are specifically hand picked from around the world.

It allows costumers to learn and at the same time explore different kind of beans and not stuck only with the commercialized ones. My favorite was Morph beans, it has that smooth after taste

The second floor is highly recommended to find seats; with perfect spots to chillax and enjoy your coffee while watching your favorite TV channel (they have TV just like your living room).A little bit changing after the grand opening; this second floor is used as a rent a space for locals to sell their fabric and wooden goods such as shoes, combs, aprons, and etc.

As the ambience could any more than perfect, they rolled up the windows that are floor ceiling to let the evening breeze in.

The food selections are quite easy on the local taste; I tried the Gyudon and was not disappointed, except maybe a little bit pricy for me to give it a perfect dish.

I had a nice time in this place and would definitely come back to chillax again.

Coarse n Fine

Komplek Ruko Renata
Jalan Jalur Sutera Timur 1-B # 15
Alam Sutera
Tangerang 15144

+6221 29779232

8 am -8 pm

IG : @coarseandfine

Please follow @whats_up_jakarta for more updates

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