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Jimbaran Bay Beach Resort and SPA

roof top with view

Jimbaran area in Bali as most of you might be aware, is the area to enjoy Seafood by the beach (literally sand on your feet) and the irresistible grilled corn you can get from small stalls on the beach. In recent years, Jimbaran has extended its appeal from fresh seafood to hip hangout places to go to. From Pison Café, Gaya Gelato, Aqua Bali, Wahaha and I am quite sure there are still more on that list. 

Making my way back to Bali (in my blog that is) I have finally come around to make my review on this recently opened hotel at Jimbaran area named Jimbaran Bay Beach Hotel. The hotel is located right across the beach which is at the moment is not that appealing (is still a working local fish markets), however give it a few more moons, the hotel will turn the area into an inviting private beach area for your leisure. 

nice lobby

the one and only swimming pool

hiu restaurant

Without the beach, the hotel is still quaint on its own; it has that new hotel smell, cozy reception area, what look like a cantilever swimming pool on the second floor and nice lounge area on the rooftop for cocktails and lounging.

confortable breakie situation

There are about 118 rooms at the hotel with eleven type of rooms that are set up in different layouts of sizes and views (beach and swimming pool). My room, the Pandet room, which was about 52msq, located on the second floor with ocean view and a comfortable queen sized bed. The hotel room was quite spacious and bathroom was large enough to accommodate a good sized bathtub and split shower and toilet into two rooms. It was a cozy room with hints of Balinese décor of wooden furnishings and soft lightings and furnishings.

The room comes with a perk of daily Hi tea complimentary, six bottles of mineral water and one-time free flying fish cocktail drink for two at the Baruna Sky Lounge Roof top. 

trust me it is super cozy!

look how spacious the room is

I bet you think what I think

By which I totally made good use of. I personally enjoyed my time at the roof top, the breeze was refreshing and the area was spacious with Live DJ music that goes until 11 pm. Mocktails, juices, coffees and selection of teas are also available for those who do not drink alcohols. Even better that food are available if you are looking for dinner or quick bites. 

the rooftop bar

cute seating area

With so much selections I ordered Apple Mint Tonic (mixture of apple juice, mint leaf, grape, vodka, sweet sour, lemon and tonic water) for IDR 95K, Red Dragon Mojito (Vodka, Blackcurrant Liqueur, lime juice, dragon fruit, lime wedges, mint leaf, lemon sliced and sprite) for IDR 95K and Batur Lava Flow (2 layers of light rum, pineapple juice, coconut cream, vodka, strawberry fruit and sweet sour) for IDR 95K. Not only they were tasty, they were pretty to look at!

so refreshing!

Comes my first morning at the hotel, I was excited for breakfast at the hotel’s restaurant named HIU, it was buffet that emphasizes on western food with little section of Asian – Indonesian cuisine such as Nasi Goreng, Bakmi Goreng and some Chinese main dishes as well. I was looking for something light so I ordered the egg Benedict with coffee and it was fulfilling. 

My kind of Breakfast

I had my lunch at the hotel too, they served quite a range of variety dishes from Indonesia, from Balinese to Western. I ordered two pastas to test their ‘international’ flavor and disappointingly it was quite bland; vegetable cream pasta (IDR 103K) and Clam Fetuccini (IDR79K), despite their creaminess and nicely cooked al-dante pastas, it lacks flavors (all sort of flavors). I suggest they would give it a second look of what they are lacking. 

clam fetuccini ( IDR 75K)

Clam Fetuccini (IDR 75K)

Vegetable Cream Pasta (IDR103K)

I was more excited to try their Balinese dishes, from the open kitchen I could see the dedication the chef and its servers in putting the food to the table. I ordered the Nasi Campur Bali (IDR 91K) and the Balinese BBQ Ribs (IDR 150K). and they were my favorite dishes from the restaurant. The ribs had nice textures which was juicy and tender, the size is huge and more importantly the sauce was rich and perfect for tourists I suppose, cause if you ask me I would want it to be more spicy and richer. 

Nasi Campur Bali (IDR 91K)

The Nasi Bali was served in humongous plate and it has five components served in one place; it has ayam betutu, minced chicken in banana leaf, lawar vegetable with peanut, white rice, spicy balado egg and sate lilit (so fancy) and simply delicious!

Last menu I ordered was the Indonesian dishes, though it was not as good as the Balinese dishes, it was quite delicious as well. I ordered the nasi gado gado (IDR 85K) and green curry oxtail (IDR 125K). Served in a plate of fried rice, chicken skewer, sliced of pork ribs and wrapped salad. The dish is not those typical gado gado dish you would typically find, very refreshing to find such dish! The fresh vegetable was wrapped in a Vietnamese like fresh spring roll and peanut sauce on the side as dipping sauce.

Green Curry Oxtail (IDR 125K)

Gado-gado (IDR 85K)

Gado-Gado (IDR 85K)

The green curry oxtail was my last main dish and it was the bomb! It has super rich flavor with thick texture based green curry and it comes with the most juicy and tender oxtail I have every eaten. It was quite such a mouth-watering experience and I could not stop eating ‘til the last drop. Big thumbs up from me!

Hot Choco Fondant (IDR 60K)

Tiramisu (IDR 50K)

To close my big meal, it was time for dessert. I had Hot chocolate Fondant (IDR 60K) and tiramisu (IDR 50K) and both of the desserts were divine. You have to try it to believe it, it was fluffy, rich and most satisfying. 

Finishing up my review, I have to highlight the dedications and the attention to details each and every staffs at the hotel; they were welcoming, polite and attend to your every needs (in the best of their ability). I could not wait as time pass and they expand their hotel into having a private beach, it will be people’s favorite indeed!

Jimbaran Bay Beach Resort &Spa

Jl. Pantai Kedonganan 888, Jimbaran Bay, Bali
Ph  : +62 361 705 999
IG   : @jimbaranbaybeach

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