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Fat Shogun - Kuningan

my whole meal

RED Shogun (soursop sorbet ) - IDR 50K

Fat Shogun is a recently opened Japanese fusion restaurant at BTPN Building situated in Lingkar Kuningan. It is right next to also a new opened restaurant Atico so I might suggest you take a trip down to BPTN building and try these two amazing restaurants.

Fat Shogun is more of a Japanese Bar/lounge and dining so you will find people more to drinking and socializing on the outdoor seating more than the dining itself. However, looking at the impressive menu, the dining part of the restaurant would be as spectacular as drinking while overlooking a spectacular view at the outdoor seating.

lovely bar

super comfy couch at the corner

my favourite spot at the outdoor seating

The interior of the restaurant is by no means screaming of ‘Look! It’s a Japanese restaurant!’ but elegantly decorated; modern dining with minimalist touch with an iconic Japanese Gate one might typically find at a shrine called Torii (the gate symbolizes the transition from the profane to the sacred). 

The restaurant has an open bar and see through glasses overlooking an open kitchen with three main dining area. The indoor dining area for a more intimate setting of a small group of people, the main dining area that has good lighting coming in from a big window bringing the natural light in and lastly the outdoor area which has the best view of Mega Kuningan metropolitan skyline. 

the open kitchen

japanese torii (Japanese Gate)

inside seating

The menus the restaurant offered ranges from IDR 70K to IDR 650K with selections from appetizers, sushi rolls, main courses to desserts. Here are some of the menus I tried:

Unagi Fideua – IDR 150k

Unagi Fideua- IDR 150K

Unagi Fideua - IDR 150K

Nagoya bowl – IDR 125k

Nagoya Bowl - IDR 125K

I simply loved the Unagi Pasta! Just writing about it makes me drool. The pasta was cooked Al dente and the seasoning was perfectly balanced with a heavier taste of garlic.

The Nagoya Bowl was quite unique to me, seems quite a traditional Japanese food, served on a hot stone pot with rice and there was wasabi, nori, spring onion, Bonito Soup (fish soup) on the side. The servers recommended to eat it with the soup but I personally prefer it to have it dry and drink the soup at the end. The dish felt lighter yet heartier (I can’t quite explain the oxymoron) than the Unagi Pasta and the two dishes were delicious. 

JUST look at the UNAGI!!


The star of the ingredient was obviously the Unagi, so in whichever you for of menu you would choose, it would still be stellar. 

Loco Maguro – IDR 160k

Loco Maguro - IDR 160K

Fatsho Roll – IDR 150k

Fatsho Roll - IDR 150K

A really good sushi roll is very (very) hard to come by and I always am excited whenever I could find a restaurant that serves sushi rolls, I came with high expectation. Loco Maguro roll was not to disappoint, the bold spicy flavor kicked into a high level of satisfaction, the roll was spicy with some tangy sauce on the top of the salmon and the spicy tuna inside the roll. 

The Fatsho roll was more of a meh to me, nothing kicks in many level I was looking forward to, however I do have to mention that the fresh ingredients from the salmon and the tuna are still winning my affections.  

I would love to try more of the menus but that would be on later date at a later time and certainly looking forward to it. I would highly recommend this place if you are ever found yourselves craving for some Japanese with a view that serves high quality ingredients and impeccable service.

Fat Shogun

R Fl Menara BPTN 
Lingkar Mega Kuningan
Jalan Dr. Ide Anak Agung Kav 5.5-5.6
Kuningan, Jakarta Selatan 12950

PH                 : +6221 2295 8196
Opening hrs : 11am – Midnight ( Sun- Thurs)
                         11am - 2 am ( Fri- Sat)
IG                   : @fatshogunjkt

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