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Bo and Bun (Pantai Indah Kapuk)

My whole experience on the Table

I still remember my first encounter of a delicious Pho noodle soup, it was in Orange County of Los Angeles. I had just finished up my classes and a friend who originated from Turkey decided that we should try Vietnamese for lunch. I have always been open to trying different kind of food from all over the world, to me it always feel like tasting its culture, history and the most obvious, their taste buds. 
The Pho noodle soup is a Vietnamese noodle soup consisting of broth, rice noodles called Banh, a few herbs and meat that usually comes either beef or chicken. Needless to say, I fell in love with Pho and Vietnamese food that day (in the most unlikely place) and thus the start of my quest to find the most authentic Vietnamese food there is.

Ultimate Ice Lime Tea - IDR 40K

Imagine my delight to find a nice Vietnamese Restaurant in Jakarta, Bo & Bun. The restaurant serves Asian food but I would like to say it concentrated more on Vietnamese cuisine, prices ranging from IDR 40K to IDR 135K. I had actually tried Bo & Bun in Bali, Seminyak and I loved their food (mostly the Vietnamese menu) and without having to crave for their food anymore I could easily reach it in driving distance. 

For those who are not aware yet, much of the Vietnamese food are heavily influenced by the French (during their colonization) and thus created a kind of fusion into the traditional Vietnamese food. Ever wondered why Baguette would be the most common bread in Vietnamese sandwiches? Thanks to the French I supposed.

My favorite Corner

With ‘French influence’ aligning to Bo & Bun, the d├ęcor was a sort of homage to their culture blend. Classic wallpaper ordains the ambience with hanging chandelier in a romantic French bistro setting. The restaurant has two floors of dining area with the kitchen located on the third floor. With the second floor being packed, I sat by the window on the first floor with natural light coming in reflecting softly on the rounded marble table (insta worthy!)

Vietnamese Rice Paper Roll - IDR 40K

Vietnamese Spring Roll - IDR 40K

I started my meal with Fresh Vietnamese Rice Paper Roll – IDR 40K and Vietnamese Spring Roll – IDR 40K. The fresh rolls consisted of Prawns, Coriander, Mint, Pickled Carrot and lettuce and the Spring Roll consisted of chicken, shredded cabbage, wood ear mushrooms and glass noodle.

Though the vegetables were a little bit weak for me, they should have been more fresh than it was served, I loved the sauces that come with both menus; peanut and fish sauce. The peanut sauce as a little bit different from the typical Vietnamese Restaurants would serve and it caught my attention, the texture was thicker and sweeter in taste. The Fish sauce used Lime juice, which made it freshly zesty and elevated the whole taste. 


After about 20- 25 minutes (I was already pre warned of the wait) the pho was finally served and I could smell the goodness of all the spices and herbs that had been charbroiled and boiled together with the beefy soup for about 12 hours that intensified the beef broth flavor (that is dedication to serve only the best), which in the menu is called the “12 hour “ PHO – IDR 90K.

The bowl consisted of beef broth, rice noodle, herbs, sliced tenderloins, beef shanks, beef meatballs and onions. The side serving that is actually a very big deal for me to enjoy the Pho comes in fresh bean sprouts, sliced chili, Thai basil and lime complete with Shiracha and Hoisin sauce. 

My favorite Meal here

I personally truly enjoyed the bowl of Pho, very happy me; the soup is rich in flavor with inviting aroma from all the spice and herbs with tender and juicy meat really sealed the deal. The ’12 hour’ Pho comes in limited supply everyday (due to how they prepare the foor), knowing that do strategized or called the restaurant before hand to avoid any let downs. 

Pork Chop with Jasmine Rice - IDR 95K

Not wanting the meal to end I ordered the Pork Chop with Jasmine Rice – IDR 95K, this dish would be the second on the list to sell out the most in a very short time, again keep that in mind. 

The dish comes with one thick grilled pork chop that is marinated with lemongrass, sunny side up, pickled carrots, jicama (Mexican turnip), and cucumber. The pork chop was grilled perfectly with great amount seasoning and I have to admit that this dish would be better if they can slice the pork chop thinner and give us two chunks instead of one so that the pork will be tender and juicier. Do not forget the dipping sauce because it will give you that extra kick of tangy sweet flavor.

Bahn Mi Thit with lemongrass pork/chicken - IDR 75K

The last but not least on the table is Bahn Mi Thit with Lemongrass Pork – IDR 75K, I would say that this bahn mi sandwich shows more originality compared to other places I had been to and tried. The pork was cooked for around 18 hours and as the result the pork was tender and melts in your mouth. The baguette itself has crunchy texture outside and yet soft in the inside that is filled with lot of fresh vegetables. 

Trying their dessert " BAHN FLAN" - IDR 55K

Coffee was probably the biggest thing introduced by the French in the 19th Century (it turned the local Vietnamese from traditionally a tea drinker to Coffee). I was tempted to order the ‘Frozen Vietnamese coffee’ But this belly failed on me, I was too full by the end of my meal. So do give it a go and let me know if it is good. 

The overall taste on the menu is pretty good, friendly staffs, nicely decorated restaurant with pleasant ambiance to experience dining in. I would strongly recommend this to be one of most places to visit when you are in PIK (Pantai Indah Kapuk) area or perhaps their original location Seminyak, Bali.


Ruko Garden House Blok B no 18C
Jalan Pantai Indah Kapuk Boulevard
PIK, Jakarta Utara

PH   : +62821 1383 6954
IG    : @boandbun
Hrs  : Mon - Sun 
         10am - 10.30 pm

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