Wednesday, April 13, 2016

THE CUP- MKG & PIK new menu revealed


Good news for Korean food lover out there! The Cup, known for their contemporary simple Korean food that believes in healthy fresh food culture at long last opened their second branch in Gading Walk area (next to the well established Bakmi Naga).

The Cup is a fast food restaurant you would typically find in South Korea’s food court, I came aware of this little gem while on vacation to Korea. They had expanded throughout the Asians country and when they finally reached to Indonesia, it was warmly welcomed. Hence the second branch in the confidence it will, again, find its success in the new location.

The Cup sets apart from other Korean restaurants in Indonesia, next to their infamous bbq menus, it serves more towards the traditional dishes; soups, rice bowls, snacks and very iconic dessert ‘Bingsoo’.
Being a regular at the first branch, I came to prefer the second location, as it is more spacious and cozy with light green and white interior that aligns with their brand concept 'Slim Stylish Simplicity’.

Not compromising on taste and quality, under its franchise, the ingredients are strictly supervised and maintained by headquarters straight from Korea.
Let’s review the menus I had:

Spicy Seafood Jjampong (haemul Jjampong) and Kimchi Ramyun

Jjampong refers to the spicy soup and haemul in seafood, a pretty straightforward dish with a complex taste. The broth is rich with seafood flavor with adjustable level of spice to your liking. This dish is perfect during those monsoon days, or any rainy day, when the sky is gray and cold gust of winds makes you shiver with cold. This will warm you up instantly!. This dish is similar to the haemul jjampong but it definitely is spicier than the other one. I was quite underwhelmed to be honest by this dish; it lacks the bold flavor (quite bland) even though the kimchi flavor was the only thing that kept this dish afloat. 

Kimchi fried rice with ham

One of my favorite menu at the restaurant, though I would prefer my egg a little bit runny (so it will ‘goeeyly’ mixed with the fried rice, this still was enough to satisfy. The portion was just right, a good amount of moist and crisp on the deep fried pork and the nori (crispy seaweed) gives crunchy textures while you munch through the dish.

 Kimchi pajeon with cheese

This menu simply differentiates itself from other Korean restaurants I had mentioned, Korean pancakes with mozzarella cheese, Indulgence indeed! It has strong flavor and that gooey sticky texture that is to die for! A must try.

Haemul pajeon 

I could not stop raving over this dish, Pajeon refers to savory pancake in Korean language. It is definitely a must try since the texture is close to perfection; moist and crunchy at the same time. It has generous toppings of green onions, assorted fresh seafood and delicious tangy sauce makes it mouthwatering.

 Cheese dakgalbi

Dak means chicken and galbi is meat hence this dish is chicken with cheese. Cheese Dakgalbi does not disappoints; it consisted of generous amount of cheese, gooey, soft and has the perfect amount of kimchi and ramyeon at the bottom. Do eat it while it is hot when the cheese tease you as you tear it apart.

Dak gangjeong

This dish compliments well with bottle of soju, it is deep fried boneless chicken meat with sticky, sweet, spiced garlic and tangy sauce. There is a choice between spicy or sweet but I highly recommend the spicy sauce since it has a hint of sweet to it too. I quite like it and may I say addicting as the chicken is tender and the crisp is a real treat!

Cheese Tteokbokki

Tteokbokki (rice cake) is a very Korean dish and one need to know how to cook it right since it can easily be hard or too soft. The Cup knows how to do it right. The dish consisted of fish cake, egg, kimchi with sweet spicy gocujang sauce and topped it off with generous amount of mozzarella and cheddar cheese with drizzled parmesan cheese. The spiciness blended effortlessly with the cheese flavor and it is definitely on of the outstanding dish from the menu.

Not forgetting the dessert, it is quite an indulgence. The size, topping is amply generous and the taste is exquisitely unique and definitely sets apart from other bingsoo place in Jakarta as far as I know. 

Injeolmi bingsu

The dessert uses smoothed milk snow ice that melts in your mouth. Injeolmi has nutty powder called Gomul that covers the top of the ice and completed with chewy Korean rice cake on top. It has an alternate of red bean as an option. 

Cheesecake bingsoo
This menu is a modern innovation from the restaurant; combining the traditional bingsoo with contemporary flavors. The cheese bingsoo comes with milk, cheesecakes, wafers, raisins, almonds and one scoop of vanilla ice cream with strawberry sauce on the top. Additional scoop of ice creams are available with additional costs. This dessert was definitely a perfect way to end a very satisfying meal from The Cup.

All in all, I had an enjoyable time feasting at this restaurant. All menus I had tried were up to par and it truly represents Korean food in a contemporary way like they had promised in their mission. I hope them great success and many more branches to come.

Thank you for reading and have a great week!

The CUP Indonesia
Ruko Crown Golf blok D no 50
Bukit Golf Mediterania, PIK
Jakarta Utara 14460
Ph : (021) 9925-0250

Mall Kelapa Gading
Gading Walk
Jalan Kelapa Gading Boulevard
Jakarta Utara
Ph : (021) 297-04981

IG : @thecup_id
Opening hr : 11.00 AM- 10.00 PM

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