Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Elgin Avenue - Tantalise your taste bud with all day brunch menu

Touching down on Paradise Island of Bali once again with a long list on my hand, a long list of new restaurants I am itching to try. These up and coming Australian influenced cafes and restaurants are spreading like wildfire and I feel the standard for breakfasts and brunches are escalating at rapid speed and I for one is trying to catch up.

The first few on the top of my list is Elgin Avenue, checking out their instagram as per recommendation from #balifood; the industrial décor and the photogenic dishes are inviting. Located in the Seminyak area (Gusto Ice cream is just few doors down) the café in black and white themed is simple and cozy, very straightforward which I like. The place is petite and in my estimation will most likely accommodate around 15 people max. There are outdoor seating’s if you request it, hot when is noon and maybe would be nice in the afternoon.

The menu is simple and to the point and I already know what I want to order, let us proceed to the real deal why I come to the first place.

Rich and creamy scramble – IDR 55k

I think I had mentioned before in this blog, egg is the reigning king of breakfast and I know my egg; it can make or break a brunch place (at least for me) and this place nailed it. I ordered the simple breakfast menu, the scrambled egg, and it came out a perfect ten score from me; it was fluffy, creamy that melts in your mouth with the right amount of salt. The fresh crispy sourdough toast and sautéed mushroom that comes with the dish balanced perfectly with the eggs and cherry tomatoes end the dish in a clean and fresh note. Delicious.

Elgin Big Breakfast – IDR 75k

Second dish was the Big Brunch, the all time classic breakfast people come to love (what not to love, it has a little bit of everything on the dish!). The egg was a good sunny side up with the perfect ooze when you cut through it, the bacon was crispy and I would want to call it my happy pills (bacon in the morning, finger licking good). My other favorite from the dish is the hash brown and oh how delightful it was, it was juicy and crunchy. The plate cost 75K and it was all worth every penny.

Elgin Crispy Egg Benedict – IDR 70k

Another breakfast favorite is the Egg Benedict that consists of two halves of an English muffin of which is topped with ham and hollandaise sauce; legend to be told that it was conceived when a Wall Street stock broker came in to Waldorf Hotel looking for a cure to his hangover. It was enticingly presented at my table and it was a delicious dish; poached egg was at the right texture and a generous amount of smashed avocado was placed right in between the egg and the bread along with the ham and cherry tomatoes is quite a breath a fresh air from the classic Egg Benedict. Kudos.

Hot Cappucino – IDR 28k

The fantastic brunch would not be complete without a cup of Coffee so I ordered to satisfy the caffeine craving in me. It came with a nice art latte but the taste is not as satisfying as the brunch. I do prefer the bold flavor than a soft one due to the concentration of the milk just like I was having.

This place very easily had climbed up to the very top of my list of favorite brunch. I hope they maintain their quality (and price) until I get back to Bali!

Elgin Avenue

Jalan Mertanadi, Kerobokan Kelod
Kuta Utara

Ph    :+62 877 6131 4449

Hrs   :Sun- Mon 8am to 5pm
           Tue- Sat  8am to 9pm

IG     : @elginavenue

Please follow @whats_up_jakarta for more updates

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