Friday, November 18, 2016

New A la Carte menu by Publik Markette

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Without the need of much introduction, I am quite sure many of you or all of you are aware of the well-known hip restaurant in town, Publik Markette at Grand Indonesia Mall. 

The restaurant is known for its impressive food gallery right when you walk in to the restaurant and you can pick and choose what you see. If you were the few who did not like the excitement of picking as you see and all those walking of back and forth for getting back for seconds or thirds, well Publik Markette does not neglect you. The new concept is the introduction of A la Carte menu that allows you to order from the menu book In the convenience of your seat. 

Fret not, the food gallery is here to stay and it will display arrays of specialties with different menus every day. One of my fave which I thankful that will still be available is their Pork Belly on Monday and Saturday! A must try!

Let me elaborate more on their A la Carte Menu, which is about 10 new menus offered, and let you be the judge whether you want to try (I tried about 70% of this new menu!)

1.Bacon Cheddar Fries

Let me repeat that title, Bacon (which is actually beef), Cheddar, Fries, a combination only heaven can make! This is definitely in the appetizer category and I simply cannot skip my aficionado with these three simple basic needs; bacon, cheddar cheese, fries and the mayo on the side is like love in its simplest form. I am not exaggerating. 
Fries are individually seasoned generously so you have that full dimension of flavor when you taste it, a simple menu but boldly executed. Two thumbs up!
2. Homemade Pasta Beef Ragout

The pasta is homemade with the right texture and a lot of love into it yet it was not really up to par for me. Tomato based sauce is rich and toppings are generously distributed over the pasta. I personally had seasoned it with parmesan cheese as apart from the right textured pasta and the generous toppings, the sauce was on the dry side, if only they put on more sauce on the pasta it would’ve been perfect. Maybe next time I should voice out the need of more sauce when I dine.

3. Super Lord of the Bacon Burger

The name is Super Lord is not for nothing, it is to name a humongous sized burger loaded with goodness! Ample beef patty, sunny side up egg, two layers of bacon, cheddar sauce, fresh tomatoes, lettuces, onions with crispy potato chips on the side. Forget all food table manners as it gets super messy and it worth every dripping sauce all over mouth and dirty hands! A must-try!

4. Salted egg yolk pork belly 

It would be very selfish of me if I did not mention dish as this is the ultimate must try and on the very top of my list dining at Publik Markette. The deep fried crispy pork belly goes extremely well with the thick and generously portioned salted egg yolk sauce and the runny poached egg elevated the whole overall taste. What a monster-licious dish! . 
5. Char Grilled Bone in Pork Chop

The roasted baby potatoes are nice with the perfect crispy skin, the baby tomatoes are fresh and yet the rocket leaves have just right seasoning. The pork chop has super less fat and yet the pork is still tender and moist. This dish is definitely not for the faint of heart. 

6. Nasi Campur Bali and Jimbaran Tiger Prawns 

Jimbaran Tiger Prawns

Nasi Campur Bali

I had put these two dishes together because for me they have similar or more likely the same taste with the difference thatt one is Halal and the other is not. If you been to Bali and you miss Bali food, I do think that this Balinese dish in Publik is just the right choice to have a little taste of bali all over again, with the  menu created by a Bali origin chef makes it authentic. On the nasi bali menu, it consisted of sate lilit, urap, babi guling meat and crispy pork skin while on jimbaran tiger prawns it consisted of three big prawns with Urap and both of the menu are served with potent sambal matah and rice. Be warned that the sambal is scorching hot!

7. Crispy Salmon Skin

Crispy Salmon skin with baby potatoes, baby tomatoes and rocket leaves has all the right combination of crispiness, freshness and perfectly seasoned. A delightful dish!

8. Nasi Goreng Buntut 


On this one, I would let you to tell me how the taste is in the comment box below :)

After all the feasting I came into conclusion that the new menus are delectable and exquisitely executed. Kudos to the heads that has been put together to create an outstanding menu. Do also try the breaded chicken fries, Tokyo aglio olio, and the Quattro formaggi Pizza as they are also notable to be mentioned. Publik Markette is coming back in full swing, folks, so brace for impact!

Publik Markette

Grand Indonesia East Mall
Jl. Moh Thamrin No 1
Menteng, Jakarta Pusat

+6221 2358 1281

IG : @publikmarkette

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