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Nusa Dua Hotel and Spa Resort [PART 2]

Here comes the second part of the review for Nusa Dua Hotel and Spa resort!

I am reviewing the two restaurants I get to enjoy at the resort; Maguro Asian Bistro and Tamarind Beachfront Kitchen and lounge.

Maguro Asian Bistro

Do not be deceived by the name, it does sound Japanese yet The Bistro serves an array of Asian food from Japanese, Korean, Chinese and many other Asian countries and it accommodates roughly up to 50 pax if it would be a full house.

The Bistro is an open aired restaurant, with red themed color as a dominant, that allows cool breeze rolled in to set the temperature down from the scorching sun outside. I ordered Japanese to test the freshness of the bistro’s ingredients and I was not disappointed.

Selection of Sashimi – IDR 240k

As its name on the menu, the dish consisted of selections of fresh sashimi; tiger prawns, octopus, yellow fin tuna, salmon and scallop. I never had scallop so fresh it melted as I bite. It might be a little bit on a pricy side, but with ingredients so fresh, I closed one eye and pay whatever amount they requested.

selection of sushi (4 types) – IDR 195k

The selections of sushi are as authentic as it could be, with fresh ingredients and perfect sushi rice makes it simply delicious.

King prawn spring roll or Soft Shell Crab Tempura– IDR 95k

Tuna Tar Tar
The spring roll was not too oily and a big chunk of fresh king prawn indulges every senses of my being. The dipping sauce that comes with it complements the roll very well. On the other hand the soft shell crab tempura comes in a unique plating that is enticing at first glance and it tasted as it looks, crunchy and delightful.

At the end of the meal and after a glass of chilled beer, I felt full but not quite there yet (it felt like light bites to me) so I decided to move on to the next best thing, Tamarind Beachfront Kitchen and Lounge.

It was quite crowded when I walked in into the two-storey iconic bamboo-made restaurant and lucky enough a space opened up right under a lush tree by the beach overlooking the jeweled sea, quite a perfect setting I found myself there.

Tamarind Beachfront Kitchen and lounge serves more to western food and these are what I had:
Roasted Tuna Linguini – IDR 130k

The restaurant is definitely not stingy on portion; the linguini comes in massive portion. The tuna was fresh and generously given and cooked in perfection. The dish is quite similar to Aglio Olio with spices such as chilly, rockets, capers, lime and citronette dressing. As appetizing as it looked, it was an ok dish for me, it need a little bit more kick of the spice and salt though the tuna tried to make up for what it was lacking.

Lamb Souvlaky Brochette – IDR 140k

The star dish of the day! The meat and the dipping sauce is to perfection; it has the best cold Tzatziki dipping ever! For those who are not familiar to Tzatziki dip it is usually made of salted strained yogurt mixed with cucumbers, garlic, salt, olive oil, lemon juice and some herbs like dill, mint, parsley and thyme.

The lamb was amply cut yet tender and has no smell you would typically found in lamb. The meal comes with two side dishes of fries and mixed salad with light dressing. Definitely would be a perfect meal during a breezy yet humid weather by the beach.

Chefs Burger Celebration

I think it is a custom for any western restaurant that they have a signature burger menu that you simply must try. Tamarind has the Chef’s Burger Celebration, a medium well-cooked thick beef patty that comes with crispy bacon, sunny side up egg, cheddar cheese and union rings (my mouth waters are I reminiscence back to the burger). The Potato wedges for the side dish were slightly fried and it was delicious. I would recommend sticking with the medium-well patty to get the juicy and tender texture that would be perfect in a burger!

Seafood salad 

The salad was almost too pretty to eat, it has the nice colors from the fresh seafood and the additional Sate Lilit makes the salad ‘prettier’ (I don’t know why I would describe it pretty, but it is). It has the combinations of fresh salmon, tuna, prawn, octopus with bean sprouts and traditional Balinese satay. Additional uniqueness to the dish is instead of using salad leaves in typical salad dish, Tamarind uses couscous and it certainly caught my attention.

the view from the tamarind
My short two-day stay at the resort was definitely not enough to enjoy all facilities and I almost felt a wee bit sad about it. Which makes it an easy decision to come back and stay longer days at the resort.
I would like to personally thank all the friendly staffs that have been warm and welcoming. I had the best of time spending time at the resort and could not wait for my next visit.

Nusa Dua Beach Hotel and Spa

Kawasan BTDC Pariwisata Nusa Dua Lot. North 4
Nusa Dua, Kuta Selatan Bali

Ph : + 62 361 771 210
IG  : @nusaduabeachhotelandspa

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