Thursday, October 27, 2016

BEAU HQ Senopati - everything you ask for

After making appearances as pop up stores and collaborationswith restaurants and cafes, the up and coming talented pastry chef Talita Setyadi cemented her establishment at a quaint and ‘IT’ place, Senopati. The place is situated right opposite local favorites, Mister Sunday Café, at Cikajang street.

BEAU’s interior is spacious and bare to simplicity; it allows patrons to enjoy its minimalism of white walls and bare cements. The café is lightly decorated with beautiful fresh flowers that makes the place homey and welcoming. Do be forewarned that since the place is filled with large windows and translucent awnings in the outdoor area that It could get warm during the day.

BEAU is not only a running café but also a working commercial kitchen and office. The kitchen has a see through glass that you can observe the process of baking and that perks of smelling the fresh baked pastries as you sip on your coffees or teas (a process I always enjoy).

The café opens at 7am and I am an early bird so I came early and was impressed that 80% of the menu are ready to be served (not a common sight in Jakarta).
There is no way you would not be enticed by the fresh baked goods (apart from the ‘droolicious’ smell of baking); the displays around the café are quite scattered to show off the goods and let your eyes feasts on the choices that are available to take. 

Mont Violet – IDR 50K

The cake comes in visually attractive and taste was exquisite; Sable Breton (shortbread crusts), milk chocolate ganache, purple sweet potato mousse, marcarponechantily and cream of sweet potato. With all the unique ingredients made a very well balanced cake in terms of texture and sweetness.

Chocolate Croissant – IDR 35K

This was one of my favorite hands down, once my fork cut open to see the inside, I fell in love; the chocolate filling was not spared and almost filled the whole croissant. The croissant itself was moist and that right amount of flakiness that you want to find in croissants. This is a must try when you stop by this place (and bring home some too).

look how rich the chocolate is

Smoreboard – one for IDR 40K or three for IDR 100K

Smoreboard is an open sandwich with sourdough bread and the board and pick your own fillings as the rider on the top. There are seven different kinds of Smoreboards that you can choose from at the café. I ordered the Beef Pastrami Smoreboard and it was delicious; combination of smoked beef, aioli, pickles, caramelized unions, poached egg, crispy shallot.
I wished I liked it much but sadly no, I am going to assume being it a new opened place that they still need some tweaking to do, the poached egg was over cooked (I was so looking forward to that ooziness of egg that flood your sandwich which did not happened) and it was more of like eating salad on top of a sliced bread. I hope they will do better next time.

Croque Madame – IDR 89K

Croque Madame was a so so, I could find this in any other cafes. Ham and cheese with béchamel sauce and fried sunny side up egg to top it off. It failed to make me crave for it.
Not to burst anyone’s bubble, I do enjoy spending time on the place, I believe in the coming months the quality control and consistencies of the food serves go up and definitely will come by to give it another go. 

The place is perfect for that Sunday mornings after running on a car free day looking for a nice ambience, good coffees and fresh baked pastries.

they serve coffee as well using common grounds beans



Jalan Cikajang No.29
South Jakarta

+6221 2751 7433

Mon - Sun 7am-8pm

IG : @beaujkt

Please follow @whats_up_jakarta for more updates

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