Thursday, October 20, 2016

Bengawan at Keraton

Keraton Hotel and residence is situated at the Plaza in upscale mall of Plaza Indonesia. Located on the 7th floor of Keraton Hotel and residence, Bengawan restaurant is a luxurious restaurant that you would expect in an exclusive establishment such as Keraton. Getting to the restaurant is through the door from the shopping mall right by AMKC atelier café and Jitlada Restaurant.

I have always heard this exclusive building called Keraton by hearsay and being that it was my first time being in the building, I was impressed and the interior of the restaurant was elegant and natural lighting all around the place with the sound of water trickling down from the water fountain nearby do create a soothing and relaxed ambience.

Not being fooled by the high class and exclusive location, the restaurant is actually pocket friendly; with their newly launched concept called 59’ lunch. The concept is a semi buffet lunch package that allows patrons to enjoy unlimited appetizers and desserts with the chef’s special main course with drink at IDR 258k/person. The package has a 59minutes limit from Monday to Friday at 12pm – 2 pm. I think that is quite a good deal!

As I feasted myself with delicacies, the appetizers were actually on the heavier servings such as Mie Ayam, Sushi bar and sandwiches (that could easily be main course). I feel the package menu should be revised to a simpler and lighter menu; on the top of my head would be cold noodle salad to replace the Gado-gado, add sashimis to the sushi bar and tapas bar instead of sandwiches.

On the main course; here are the selections you may choose from :

1.Nasi Komplit

This is the ultimate local favorite lunch menu; Nasi Uduk (steamed rice with coconut milk) served with stir fried soy bean paste, sautéed water spinach, steamed fish on pandan leaf and beef with spicy chilli sauce with egg on top, not forgetting the shrimp crackers to complete the dishes.
I would highly recommend this menu, they are tasty and delicious though do keep in mind some of the dishes are spicy. 

2. Roasted Tilapia Chermoula

The very fresh Tilapia fish (ikan nila), roasted and served with baby potato and sautéed mix vegetables and creamy sauce (Though it is delicious but I still prefer the Nasi Komplit menu) This is a healthier dish and it was cooked with perfection.

 3. Assorted Indonesian Satay

Nobody that I know every mentioned they do not like Satay (it is national treasure!) It comes in lamb, chicken, beef and mixed skewers with divine peanut sauce and rice as a complete meal. 

4.Breaded Chicken Breasts

The breaded chicken breast with pumpkin puree and sautéed mix vegetable was average to me, or maybe that I am not a big fan of pumpkin, but it does lack on the saltiness since it was a wee bit too sweet from the puree. 

The main courses had the right amount of serving that I could still go on to its desserts but I should have established by now that I always have room for desserts. 

I was glad I could still have stuffed myself with the desserts because they were truly divine! Almost anything I laid my hand on was deliciousness. My favorite were the donuts, layer cake, croissant and chocolate mousse, I really did not mind if these desserts stays on my hips forever, how could I resist?!

I had a great experience dining in this place, the servers are professionals and passionate, the elegance of a 5 stars hotel with affordable price dining is unbeatable. Do try it for yourself and say ‘Hi’ if you see me there because I will be back and often. 

Bengawan at Keraton

Keraton at the Plaza 7th floor
Jalan Moh. Thamrin, Thamrin
Jakarta Pusat

+6221 5068 0000

IG : @keratonjakarta

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