Monday, October 31, 2016

Gyoza Bar- Central park Mall

Central Park is in strong and slow steady mark as food haven within one mall, what you might be craving, you will most likely find it there. The once, I would considered isolated, Tribeca area is recently flourishing with attractive restaurants, bars and coffee places that makes you want to make your way to the area.

The latest addition is a restaurant / bar place named Gyoza Bar that serves Gyozas and Japanese fusion menu such as sushi, rice bowls, cocktails and mocktails.

one of the cute chairs here

The décor and theme is quite unique and I could tell that they had put a lot of thought into the branding, and the feel of the restaurant. What was interesting to me personally was that it actually reminded of two things, Kung Fu Panda the movie and cake-a-boo cake shop in the PIK area. The characters on the poster and the logo, the colorful and pastel colors definitely reminded me of that. It does make me think that this is a Gyoza Bar which means Japanese and alcohol serving place, so I am not sure with the Kung Fu Panda (Chinese) feel and Cake-a-boo cake (too colorful for a bar) shop? But what do I know, is just my two cents.

look I see a pokeball

Apart from the décor, I actually enjoyed the food and would highly recommend to anyone to try it.
Lets see what they have here:

before we start you might want to consider this starter to turn your appetite on

you wanna try this salad as your starter as well if you are looking for something light

or perhaps this corn soup
Gyoza Nova- IDR 65k

One of the favorite dish on the menu, combination of Pan Grilled Chicken Gyoza and Truffle Chicken Gyoza that topped off with Mozzarella cheese, spicy mayo, Jalapeno and Tobiko, and I loved every bite! The Spicy Mayo was what got my tongue tingled with excitement and the Truffle oil sealed the deal. Truly a must-try dish.

Tori Kaarage –IDR 39k

The boneless fried chicken is a staple food found in Japanese restaurant and this comes in quite special. The Tori Kaarage’s crispy skin with insides being tender and juicy is simply delicious. The dish is finished with spicy mayo for the dipping sauce and it became the addictive snacks while you sip on your cocktails or mocktails.

Gyoza Bar Roll –IDR 85k

This is one of their signature roll beside volcano roll; it comes in spicy tempura, scallion, cucumber, avocado, spicy aioli and fresh salmon to top it off. In the fusion restaurant, normally I would not find any good sushi but this one I have to say that the chef make this roll to perfection.

Bao Bun –IDR 30k

Braised pork belly with homemade bun; I prefer more sauce to this dish though a bit dry for my liking, a little sprinkled sauce would elevate the dish.

Beef Kimchi Nabe- IDR 65k

When it came, I thought it looked simply inviting and delicious. It has everything I was looking for; sliced beef hotpot with homemade Kim chi in ramen noodle and was expecting highly spicy to kick it off. Yet I was completely underwhelmed as it was more on the ‘under’ everything, not enough spice, not enough hot from the Kim chi, not enough Kim chi’s typical kick, I truly hope they fix the taste.

911 Yaki Soba – IDR 65

One of my favorite dish, it tasted yummy and spicy to maximum level! It comes in noodle and stir fried shrimp. This dish would be the perfect meal to start mocktail/cocktail time. 

Silky Tofu- IDR 39k

Almond milk pudding with caramel sauce flavor on top. It has gooey texture, a very simple and classic dessert.

Black Sesame seed bread pudding.- IDR 55k

The texture was quite unique, it has enough crunch and softness all rolled into one, a very interesting dish.

I end up my meal with tasting their signature cocktail and mocktail which were refreshing and would love to try the other drinks on the menu. 

With a full belly I would have to say Gyoza bar should be on the list of must try while you are in Central Park.


Gyoza Bar

Central Park, Tribeca Park, 
Jl. Letjen S. Parman, Tanjung Duren,
Jakarta Barat

 +6221 2920 1125

M-Tr    11am-1am
Fri-Sat  11am-2am
Sun       11am-1am

IG :@gyozabarjakarta

Please follow @whats_up_jakarta for more updates

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