Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Kopi Kalyan- Senopati

After the crowd favorite BEAU HQ and Mister Sunday brunch made its mark in the Senopati area, another contender is joining to the mix; Kopi Kalyan, the new IT place to relax and enjoy a sip of good coffee (the more the merrier, isn’t it?)

As I had mentioned before in previous blogs, there seems to be a trend in designing coffee places these days; bare cements, that distinct raw wood feels, minimal furnishings and big windows that brings in natural lighting. Kopi Kalyan has all of the above and I am a fan. 

Opening up the door into the coffee shop, it has an open plan where you can see everything in plain sight and in the middle of the space is an open courtyard bringing in the natural light and gentle breeze. The place oozes coziness and provides perfect place to open up a book and have a good read (or maybe turn on the iPad and read an eBook). There is a good indoor space for a crowd of 50 and roughly 15 on the outside where smoking is permitted. 

The place serves mostly coffees and teas, that ranges from IDR 20K to 35K, from Espresso, Piccolo, Latte, Cappucino, Mocca, etc. If you are famished or looking for light bites they offer an extensive selections of brunch menus and pastries for light meals that ranges from IDR 30K to 80K which I find reasonably priced.

Picollo IDR 24k

The coffee has medium to light flavor, the aftertaste is smooth and not bitter and strong which would be perfect for those that drinks coffee for leisure. In every hot drinks they serve, the coffee shop generously put a slice of smooth textured Pandan cake besides the drink to replace the typical biscuits or cookies you find in other coffee shops, so that is a plus point from me.

Brick Chicken – IDR 79k

A pan roast chicken with roasted tomato salad (that is unique!), baby potatoes with gravy. The skin of the chicken was made to crispy perfection though the meat was on the dry side. I love the overall dish except it was a lit bit salty for my taste and maybe if they cut the chicken meat when they placed it on the pressure cook (or maybe steamed) it might make the meat tender on the inside and successfully made the skin crispy on the outside.

Breakfast pasta – IDR 65k

With this menu, you are able to choose between Carbonara pasta and Aglio Olio pasta that will be served with poached egg. I loved how the pasta was cooked aldente (cooked to be firm to the bite). I chose the Aglio Olio which typically would be spicy but this dish was a tad too spicy though the egg was runny to perfection and portion was good for one person.

I would recommend this place if you are looking for a new hangout spot and it is definitely a good addition of coffee shop in the Senopati area. See you there!

Kopi Kalyan

Jalan Cikajang 61
Kebayoran Baru, Senopati

+6221 7223 712

 7am - 10pm

IG : @kopikalyan

Please follow @whats_up_jakarta for more updates

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