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Arts Cafe by Raffles Hotel Jakarta - Part 2

Continuing my Sunday brunch experience at Arts café by Raffles hotel; as you are well aware, the second part of this blog is Dessert! I call this a love letter for Arts café desserts.
I am a big fan of chocolate and what excited me more than anything from this Sunday brunch is the Chocolate Gallery by Pipiltin Cocoa and they do take their chocolate seriously.
A little bit about Pipiltin Cocoa itself, it is a local micro producer that loves to process chocolate right from the bean that are sourced from arrays of cities of Indonesia such as Pidie Jaya, Aceh, Tabanan-Bali, and Glenmore- East Java.

This exciting collaboration is named Chocolate Gallery and located inside the ARTS café on level 1 of Raffles Jakarta and it is chocolate haven!
So what are you waiting for, let’s start!

Thai Young Coconut Ice Cream

This one is a must write dessert I find for the dessert section. This is by far has the most interesting look in presentation and taste; using white chocolate shell as a bowl; you can put coconut ice cream for the sweetness, then passion fruit for sourness with chocolate crumble to add texture inside.  Everything combined has what people called it “amusingness”
Besides those chocolate desserts that you can find on the section, arts also have these five outstanding menus prepared by the dessert chef. You can order it separately during your lunch or dine in there as an a la carte.
Chocolate Soup (IDR 90k)

By hearing the name, I expected to see a bowl of hot chocolate that as creamy as clam chowder soup but I was wrong. It turned out to be a ball of dark chocolate with a hole on top and inside there seems to be nothing as it was deep and dark with a side serving of a hot jar of milk-chocolate that looked like a sauce (that is hot). To feast on it you have to pour the hot “milk chocolate fruit paradise” into the hole on top and let it break the chocolate shell which began to melt and when stirred it blended together to become a chocolate soup!
Not only that the soup itself was fascinating there are more surprises; the inside of the chocolate ball was chocolate ganache, milk chocolate mousse, white chocolate soil and almond chocolate cake, YUM!
Feasting with the big spoon, the chocolate soup was so rich, thick and fruity. The chocolate itself is not as sweet as I imagined it would be, perhaps because the shells of the chocolate ball was made with high percentage of dark chocolate.

Chocolate flower Pot (IDR 80K)

The appearance may just look as the usual Chocolate Flower pot but what make it different is the twist of 58 percent dark chocolate layers that consists of blueberry sponge. It does taste incredibly different from other flower pot I have tasted before. Aesthetic wise the chocolate flower pot dessert looked better than others I have seen as they added on raspberries as the flower and edible leaves on top of the dessert. Do keep in mind that the size might be just too much or big for one person to finish up even though it is just so engaging.
Signature “Crushing Hat Box”

They called it Signature but I think it Is spectacular. First time this dessert served on my table, I thought it was a chocolate cake (kue bolu chocolate) but indeed it was a chocolate box that made by pure chocolate. It is similar to the chocolate soup on how you eat it which is by pouring the hot thick salted caramel fudge on the side to the top of the chocolate box. Then you wait until it melted and there you can see the surprise inside the box. It is vanilla ice cream!
So far this dessert is one of my unforgettable moment during my Sunday brunch, not because I was fooled at first by the appearance but also the combination of the texture and the right balance taste of the saltiness and sweetness from the salted caramel fudge, the smoothness from the vanilla ice cream and the sourness from the raspberry makes the dish complete. Such a clever dish!
Raffles Green Choco (IDR 75K) and Raffles choco Nut (IDR 75K)

The last two reviews would be the chocolate drinks. Both drinks look like milk shakes as the texture is smooth and thick and have the combinations of fresh milk and chocolate.
The Raffles Green Choco, there is green tea and white chocolate then blended together with added spices such as chili powder, salt and honey.  It has a very interesting taste but I personally would rather have my matcha milk shake plain and straight forward.
Raffles choco nut has a very interesting combination. Besides chocolate and fresh milk, the do add cocoa powder, peanut butter cream, cashew nut and more interestingly CHEDDAR! My expectation was just not too high on this one but turned out that this drink was surprisingly tasy. It does have a very unique taste in a good way BUT I guess the Nutty flavor was a little bit too much otherwise it could have blown my mind.

I am pleased with what I experienced over here; such good food and awesome desserts. The only problem that I was really annoyed was how am I going to lose weight if what they serve here is blatantly delicious. Arts café by Raffles hotel Jakarta is my favorite buffet brunch by far.

Arts Cafe

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