Sunday, November 13, 2016

Oetara Coffee - Muara Karang

Making my way to North Jakarta area, there is a newly opened coffee shop called Oetara Coffee shop with is the sister company of the @percolatecoffee in Singapore. Located in the Muara karang area (look for Permai School nearby as a landmark), it has a nearby competition called the Bunchit Coffee with is only few meters away in the same street.

Setting apart from the heavily industrial d├ęcor of recently opened cafes, Oetara is more cute-y, white-ish and punctuated with robin green egg blue. For a food blogger, I am drawn to big windows with natural lights coming in , so when it comes to interior yellowish dimmed lighting I could be a little peeved (though I understand the warm ambience quality it gives off) but definitely hard to take any good pictures.

Oetara uses Common Grounds coffee roasted beans and their price tag is in the ranges from IDR 30k-50K for their coffee menu.

Hot Cappucino – IDR 35K

I quiet like how they use the toraja beans for my cappuccino. It has a medium boded strong, creamy and foamy milky aftertaste. I heard the head bar is a former Cye Huang head bar Singapore. Personally I prefer the 3 oz Piccolo for a stronger body texture and less creamy. I also tried their special guest espresso bean of the day for additional IDR 10K.

 Hot Chocolate – IDR 35K

For anyone who does not drink coffee, I will recommend you to have this Hot Chocolate. It is thick and not too sweet with enough of creaminess. I am not like super fan but I do like it

Chocolate praline croissant – IDR 30K

As you might already suspect, I am addicted to Chocolate and this Croissant has a nice crunch texture yet soft on the inside. The amount of the chocolate is generous and it does taste like Nutella but it is a less milky. The praline does give enough nutty flavor to it but overall it is worth to try.

Orange sugee cake –IDR 35K + Nutella Pie –IDR 35K

This is an interesting cake; I personally do not think if this is sour enough for the first time you took a bite until you reach the side where the orange peel is. The orange peels give you extra kick of strong sour flavor with unique texture of crunchiness to the cake. Overall I think the cake itself is not moist enough (a wee bit dry) but taste wise, it is nice. Perfect for that kick on a gloomy looking day.

That dollop of Nutella on top is enough to pick it right out.
I have no chance to try the brunch menu or the sandwiches and will definitely make my way back to try it coz it sure looks tempting to make want to come back.

Oetara Coffee
Jalan Pluit Karang Barat blok G6 no 25A
Pluit Penjaringan
Jakarta Utara 14450

7.30Am – 10.30PM

+62813 4185 5500
IG : @oetara.jkt

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