Monday, November 14, 2016

Attarine Jakarta by Potato Head

The group that brought forth the well renowned Potato Head Restaurants are back with nothing to spare, the recently opened Attarine Restaurant. 

The all-day dining restaurant focuses on clean, fresh vegetables and hearty food which definitely struck a chord within me (within the Asian in me). We, Asians, love our grains and a meal that is ample enough to fill the belly and that is what the restaurant offers. 

The Restaurant emphasized its menus on local spices and produces which I find quite unique and staying true to its local roots. It is quite endearing to pay homage and remembering that we live in Indonesia, the land of spices and bountiful of unique flavors and produces that in skilled hands it creates wonders.

Helmed by Chef Jacob Burrell originated from Los Angeles (what I had gathered from our short conversation) respects every aspect of local flavors and collaborators that gives birth a very unique blends of hearty dishes that evokes nostalgia in every menu serves. 

The restaurant has that magic touch of the creative Potato Head Group that we have known to love; well designed, well themed, well-thought of and thoroughly immersive dining experience in every restaurant they introduced and Attarine is no exception. Located in the Gunawarman area the restaurant is quite discreet from plain sight and quaint that you have to give a second look locating the restaurant (though you would not miss the sign).  

Walking in through the big doors I was greeted by friendly servers and took me to my table passing the unmissable vintage car right smack in the middle of the restaurant. The place was nicely dimmed and filled with potted plants and hanging plants that exudes warmth and that soothing feeling whenever you are surrounded by greeneries (I could almost feel like I heard bird chirping nearby). 

I sat next to the open kitchen and observing the chef and the crews going back and forth putting dishes together and classic wooden fire oven that glows truly bring the restaurant to life.

Eggplant on Sourdough bread –IDR 45k

The bread was toasted in wooden fire oven; it is crunchy with the smell of natural burnt that I love. They add Eggplant on top of the bread which was mixed with fried garlic to add sweetness to the overall taste. Do squeeze the lemon on top to give a balance taste overall and open up the taste bud for more food to come. 

Cup of Chicken Bouillon-IDR 65k

This soup is perfect when rain is pouring outside and gives you that shiver and know if you push a little bit further you are going to go down with a cold. The clear soup of thick chicken flavored broth with fresh mushroom and seaweed tasted like, or more to feels like, you are back home in your bed and your mom made you that comforting soup to make you feel better when you are down with cold. It tasted like home. It looks simple yet it evokes all kinds of nostalgia and gives off good vibes, for 65K I actually don’t mind that it took me to good places.

Duck leg Confit - IDR 145k

Most of restaurants I had been to often serves duck confit with oven baked potatoes and mushrooms, however in Attarine, the confit is served with lentil and roasted garlic and they are hearty and filling. The duck was cooked nicely; It was tender, juicy, and tasty in the same time with super crispy skin on the outside, it was simply delicious. 

Slow-cooked beef brisket - IDR 175k

Not judging the book by its cover for this dish, it looked like an ordinary beef stew and half boiled egg with chilly sambal and lime on the side. I thought to myself, it looked like my mama could make at home. I gave it a stir, break the egg and tasted it, it tasted like magic (mama make good meal but not magical meal like such) The taste is complex and rich, the broth is thick and the meat almost melts in your mouth, so tender and juicy. I was quite pleasantly surprised how this dish almost take my breath away and believe me, I am not exaggerating. 

Caramel Baked Cheese cake –IDR 65K

I love cheesecakes and this cheesecake is to die for; smooth, nice and heavily cheesy without being it overwhelming. The crumbs at the bottom of the cake is crunchy and perfectly baked, it balances the cheesecake perfectly. The sugar on the cake is actually coconut caramel with a touch of yogurt, so fresh and so addicting I could have eaten the whole cake and not just a slice!

Malang Apple + Oat Streusel Tart – IDR 65K

This cake is definitely unique and it might not be everyone’s favorite, but it was mine indeed. It has a very unique combinations of flavors that I could not find anywhere in Jakarta (so far). There are apple slices and oats that combined it almost tasted like breakfast. That was all I could summed up from this cake, I felt like I ate breakfast with this slice of cake. Give it a go and let it surprises you like I was.

Grilled lemonade _IDR 50K

A unique way to bring back the old fashioned lemonade. Grilling the lemon gives a slight burnt taste and extra kick of zestiness from the lemon. A definite try.

Roseberry Fizz _IDR 50k

It is a mocktail that consists of raspberry, rose water, lemon juice, sugar syrup, soda and interestingly they added fluffy egg white to the drink. It is refreshing and if you love raspberry, this drink is perfect for you.

I highly recommend to anyone looking for quality, unique and hearty meal! Say hi to the chef while you are there and tell him that the food is superb!

Attarine Jakarta

Jalan Gunawarman no 11
Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selata 12110
Sun- Wed  11am - 4pm , 6pm-11pm
Thurs -Sat 11am - 4pm , 6pm- 1am

+6221 2277 1256

IG : @attarinejakarta

Please follow @whats_up_jakarta for more updates

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